College life | Chillin' in Starbucks 26/01/14

Had an awesome evening staying in Starbucks doing homework.
(I got a slice of cake for free since it was my birthday month reward, am so satisfied and happy!)

I was a fan of Starbucks since I was form 2. However the sad thing is there is no Starbucks in Sibu so I didn't have a chance to try it until I went Kuching for a competition and I discovered Starbucks in Kuching's The Spring. I remembered the first Starbucks I drank is Mocha Frappuccino. I used to love Mocha a lot, probably over obsessed throughout the few years I was in high school. I used to hope that I can go college faster so that I can get out from Sibu this small little town and enjoy my second cup of Starbucks in KL or somewhere else. But then I realised I had grew up, and my taste changes too. 

Green tea latte is my favourite now. Both hot and cold taste amazing to me. 

Lotsa Love,

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Esther Wong 提到...

I love Starbucks too! And my favourite is mocha frappocino and their signature hot chocolate. :) So sad Sibu don't have it and I can only drink it whenever I went to Kuching/Miri/KL! Even Bintulu will be having it soon. :( T.T


Abigail Wong 提到...


OMG seriously? even Bintulu is going have it :o It's sad that Sibu dont have starbucks :( Btw thanks for your comment :)