Food Hunting | Bagel 'n' Coffee Station, Plaza Damas, Hartamas 28/01/14

So four of us (Ivanna, Daryl, Sandhiya and I) decided to give Bagel 'N' Coffee Station a try tonight since there is no college tomorrow and we wanna spend some quality time together at somewhere nice.

Bagel 'N' Coffee Station offered a nice and comfortable atmosphere for us to just sit down and chat. Personally I love the orange lighting because it just makes me feel all cozy and warm. 

I ordered a Pepperoni Beef Bagel with cream cheese (or you can choose olive oil, it is optional). From the picture you might think that the amount of food is small, but let me tell you, it is super filling! Overall the food was okay, it just that the mustard in the bagel is way too sour. I will give this dish a 7/10!

Daryl and Sandhiya

 Ivanna and I

Waiting for the food 

 Ordering food

Yayyyy, dinner time <3

I would definitely recommend you guys to eat here. 
P/s: if you are a student from Taylor's College Sri Hartamas you will get a free drink! <3


Lotsa Love,

Ohana | Happy Birthday Mummy! 28/01/14

Dear mum,

I might not be the most perfect daughter in the world, but you are definitely the best mum in the world!

Ivanna, Jodie, Joey and Daryl want to say hi <3

Lotsa Love,

IB life | Celebrating Miss Priscilla's birthday! 28/01/14

It seems like celebrating someone's birthday in IB is nothing new anymore. However, this post is going to be special because this post is dedicated to our most beloved psychology teacher, Miss Priscilla! *throwing confetti*

Marishka bought the chocolate cake in the middle from San Terri Cottage @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, the other two slices are bought by me at Secret Recipe also @ Hartamas Shopping Centre.

Before Psychology class we had our usual break and coincidentally we have fire drill that day.  I bought two slices of cake for Miss Priscilla (green tea cheesecake and chocolate cake) only after the fire drill ended so it was quite rush.

We even took picture when the fire drill thingy is going on. Haha, typical us :P

So the story of our celebration goes like this:
Marishka was shocked when she saw me carrying a Secret Recipe plastic bag and immediately she knew I bought cakes for Miss P. Then she was like, "OMG, miscommunication I bought one chocolate cake for Miss P already!" Then we started finding a lighter to prepare the huge surprise. We switched off the lights in the classroom and waited for Miss P's arrival. Xiu Ching and Marishka asked our senior, Justin to make signal (either run or churping like a bird) when Miss P is coming. It ended up Miss P opened the door without any prior notice from Justin. We just literary asked miss to go out from the classroom and invited her in only after we lighted the candles on the cake. *laugh die me* 

Miss P was happy and started feeding us with the chocolate cake. All we do is running away from her.


Nic trying his best to escape from Miss P's attack. Haha

Marishka and Trischa too :P 

And lastly I surrendered also :P
Miss Priscilla Happy Birthday and stay awesome okay! Love you <3

P/s: her birthday is actually on the 27th of Jan tho.

Lotsa Love,


College life | Chillin' in Starbucks 26/01/14

Had an awesome evening staying in Starbucks doing homework.
(I got a slice of cake for free since it was my birthday month reward, am so satisfied and happy!)

I was a fan of Starbucks since I was form 2. However the sad thing is there is no Starbucks in Sibu so I didn't have a chance to try it until I went Kuching for a competition and I discovered Starbucks in Kuching's The Spring. I remembered the first Starbucks I drank is Mocha Frappuccino. I used to love Mocha a lot, probably over obsessed throughout the few years I was in high school. I used to hope that I can go college faster so that I can get out from Sibu this small little town and enjoy my second cup of Starbucks in KL or somewhere else. But then I realised I had grew up, and my taste changes too. 

Green tea latte is my favourite now. Both hot and cold taste amazing to me. 

Lotsa Love,


Reflection | 10 Things to Learn From IBDP SEM 1 in Taylor's College Sri Hartamas

Okay, since I'm an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme student, I should be able to learn to reflect what I have done, what I have achieved, what can I improve from time to time.
*IB learner profile HEHEH*

I believe great things will happen and what lies ahead must be...paradise!

Times flies and I finally completed my semester 1 of IB in TCSH. So, what I have done?
Well, I think I had done A LOT. I joined singing club, swimming club, runner club, year end ball committee, aviation club, toastmaster club, drawing club, photography club and I even created/founded my own club in TCSH - Chinese Club. It have been a craze craze 5 months for me attending those endless meetings, chasing behind those hectic schedules and catching up with my studies.

Lovely Chinese Club members

So, what had I done? I finished my 150 CAS hours within 1 semester, when some of my other IB friends still get no hour. That is one of my biggest achievement in my Semester 1 IB. One of the highlight of this semester is being the Year End Ball 2013 committee, that is one of the most wonderful thing that happen in my life. The sense of belonging in a group/one big family, and the feeling you got when all your hard work pays off are just simply amazing. Besides, my Chinese Club was operating quite okay, it just that since it was a baby club not many people know about this club and it seemed more like a IB CAS activity. (However this year 2014 is gonna be a great opportunity to recruit more members!) I had been quite active in the runner club in the beginning of the semester but gradually became inactive :/ because of the frantic timetable and incessant meetings.


Time management has always been an issue for me. I find it difficult for me to allocate time for my works. For example, if I predicted myself to finish a chemistry report for 1 hour, I will be ending up finish the report after 3 hours. That's why from now onwards, I will grab every single second in the college to do my homework and my revision so that when I come back to my apartment I can focus more on reviewing the lessons that I had learnt that day instead of doing homework. Sometimes, I feel tired (almost all the time) since I am a 67% introvert and spending my time communicating with people is exhausting, I tend to spend wayyyy too much time to recover my energy back before I could do anything, which is kind of time consuming.


MUN Conference 2013

I admit that being a typical INFJ (check out MBTI personality test) and 4w3, I am an individualist, achiever, dreamer and a perfectionist. I always set super duper high expectations for myself and force myself to reach my satisfied level, especially when it comes to things that I am passionate about, like designing posters, creating videos and all sort of stuffs that requires creativity. I just HATE it when people just rush the work and pass it to me without feeling a slight of guiltiness. That's why sometimes I just redo-ing the whole work or perfectionise it, which consumes a lot of my time also. Seriously, I need to learn how to share the workload and tolerate the imperfection, or else there is no time for me to study and revise. After all, academic achievement is the most important aspect in my college life.


I had never REALLY realise that I was wearing a sad face all the time until a random guy told me about that. So the conversation goes like:
(I was in Hartamas shopping centre to buy a cup of MBG fruit juice for myself. Then a random guy came up to me.)
Guy: Are you Taylor's College Sri Hartamas student?
Me : Yeah.
Guy: I am from Taylor's University attending a teachers' conference/meeting in TCSH. I am a psychology lecturer. Why do you look so sad, is there anything that was bothering you?
Me: Errrmm...nope?
Yeah, so I realize how unhappy I look even in front of a stranger. I don't really remember if there is anything that makes me sad at the meantime but I guess I am just NOT HAPPY all the time. I feel like there is something like a steel wall that prevent me from getting the warmth of happiness. I think I should be happy but I am just...sad. Maybe I think too much and I rarely tell other people what I think. Introvert personality urghhhh.


Sometimes, I gotta admit that being a scholar might make me think that I should be cleverer than who who who. But I forget the fact that scholars are not perfectly smart or genius. It requires a lot of hard work to get the scholarship and if I wanna keep learning new stuffs, I have to ask other people's help. Be humble and not ashamed of asking people's enlightenment.


I have a friend who is currently studying International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Hwa Chong International School. He joined the programme on April which is started on January. As you can see he have a hella lots of things to catch up and might a bit behind compared to the other super competitive Singaporean IB students. But no, he is the top student among his batch. His secrets?

  1. Pay attention in class (I seriously need to work on this)
  2. Always think the question "why?"
  3. Don't study for the sake of study, study because you want to learn new stuffs
  4. Don't believe what you have studied, always questioning
  5. Be overprepared (I can relate to this)
  6. Do more practises
  7. Pre-read everything before teacher teaches
  8. Stay humble


Less subway, more fruit juices
say no to cheese tarts

When I was in Sibu my facial skin is super smooth and acne proof, maybe because the food I ate in Sibu is much more healthier than the food I ate in KL. I don't know how to control my diet, I eat the whole plate of meal all by myself because I don't feel like wasting the food after paying for so much. This year, I need to eat more healthier food and less oily, fat and fried food. I don't want those terrifying acnes to resurface on my face again.


I had spent too much of money in KL Sri Hartamas. I think one of the reason why is the living cost in Sri Hartamas is just way too high. Besides if you want to have some healthier, more variety of food you need to pay that extra few bucks. And sometimes Starbucks is just too hard to resist. :P So this year I was planning to stick to this 52 weeks financial challenge.

 nail polishes and Starbucks will definitely burn a hole in your pocket

If you are interested in this challenge click >>THIS<<


I was quite bad in stress management. I keep everything to myself and sometimes I just cry alone in the dark corner. I had tried to share my feelings and emotions to someone but it ended up me being regretted telling him/her about my insecurity. I just don't want people to see the sad me, the desperated me, the moody me, even though I did a very bad job hiding all of my emotions. I was being catogerized as a super stressed up


Daryl, Ivanna and I -- best running buddies ever!

I was quite active in the runner club on September but gradually inactive as time passes. And, I became fatter and not as confidence as before. I ended up wearing my prom dress in my fat body. *CRIESSSS* That is my first prom ever in my life. How could I do this to myself. I should exercise more and make this into a lifestyle instead of a duty.


So being an IBDP student we will have at least one international trip throughout the two years. Ms. Vale, who is our IB CAS teacher is responsible to collect all of our money and a copy of photostated passport. And I totally nonchalant about this until the deadline. I totally forgot that my passport is expired. So there is a lot of things going on like Ms. Vale chasing after me for the passport copy and me asking mum to send my passport to KL so that I can renew it in KL. I don't want this type of stuff to happen anymore in semester 2. I think I leave a very bad impression. :(

This is a confession I found in Tailor's College Confession Page on Facebook.
This inspires me a lot. Whoever wrote this, I salut you.

"Be sure to really enjoy your 1 to 1 1/2 years of college life. It's the shortest yet the most awesome period in your life. Especially if you are scholars, don't stress on study too much. Everyone in Taylors are here to study. But in Taylors you get to do everything you want!
No matter who you are, put down your ego and don't be a stereotype. Start your everyday with a smile, or fake it (better not) and maintain it throughout your day. You never know who got attracted by that smile of you.
Don't limit your friend zone to the boundary of your classroom, get uncomfortable and join clubs and societies.

Make new friends.
Don't be a lone wolf. You will starve. Yes there are lot of lonely people out there. They either take everyone as offensive or everyone else take them as offensive. Probably they just got diarrhea, broke up with gf etc. Or maybe they are just shy. Screw that! If you see one, make he/she into your pack. Brighten up their day.
Go class trip, celebrate birthday, study groups, lunch together, or even dinner, unite your classmates. Join events, sports or even camping, be part of the community.
No event? Don't wait, take up the role and be an organizer. There's always like minded people that will support you.
You will be amaze that almost everyone here are kind and lovable person.

You don't have to feel proud or lose your self-esteem.
Whether you are boy or girl; smart, not so smart, rich, not so rich, pretty, handsome, or just normal looking; from Selangor, Sarawak, or Japan; a Malay, Indian, Chinese, or maybe lain-lain, people just never really care about these.
Just be you. Destroy that protective barrier around you.
You will always find that everyone are kind enough to help you. And you don't have a reason to not be kind to them.
Taylor's College SJ is not that big, and your life in Taylor's would be very damn short. Make sure you make YOUR short period of time lovable and enjoyable.
In your future, you will be grateful and thankful not for the results you get today, but the awesome and marvelous friends you met today.

You won't want to look back and regret all the things you had not done during your college.
The last thing you want to do when you leave college is,
Lotsa Love,


IB life: Vale's farewell party 13/01/2014

This is my first polaroid with Vale, and probably the last one :'(

Vale has always been the cheerful outgoing girl that radiance her happy-go-lucky aura which intrigues me so much. She, is the girl who knows how to play her guitar so well and could let those beautiful words and melodies of her original songs slip out from her lips just that easily. She, is the only Canadian student in our programme but yet still come to here, Malaysia, a place where she's totally not familiar about. She, is the girl who dressed up as a colourful clown for Halloween. She, is the one who generously give all her love and hugs to everyone she knows. This is Vale, the special one.

Ms. Lauren organised a farewell party for Vale, she's leaving us to go back Canada in a few days time. The venue is @Winsor Tower. We reached around 6.30 p.m. and the barbecue dinner started at 7 something. I forgot to take picture of the food. Now just imagine a table full of food and people barbecuing.

 *insert spongebob's imagination meme*

Most of us came, a whole bunch of my favourite people <3
Daryl, Ivanna, Sandhiya, Thiiban, Adrian, Mujib, Joey, Jodie and Xiu Ching <3 You guys bright up my world like nobody else.

*one direction's WMYB ON*

Speeches and performances by Ms. Lauren, Joey & Alicia and others. Actually Ivanna, Xiu Ching and me sang a song called "PengYou"for Vale, which means "friend" in Mandarin. Don't really think anyone took a picture for us.

Performance by Vale's uncle DUST IN THE WIND
Performance by Joey & Alicia SAY SOMETHING
Emcee by Mr. Josh's spouse

Kar Yern and Mr. Josh giving speech
Nadiah, Liyana and Effah singing Malay farewell song
Ms. Lauren, Mr. Josh's wife and Ms. Val performing 
"You got a friend"

Ayat singing
Moses playing his flute

Vale singing her two original songs

We danced Zumba and sweated like a pig, so much fun <3

I don't know why but I think IB kinda changed me. I used to hate any sort of party/ social event. I just hate it no matter what. But now I kind of enjoy it after I joined IB. I became more sociable and friendly towards others. At least I will try to fit in now. :P

Lotsa Love,


Birthday surprise from Michelle and Bryan! 09/01/14 in iCook Italien Gastronomia @ Plaza Damas

So Bryan and Michelle decided to "belanja" me eat lunch in iCook Italien Gastronomia in Plaza Damas! And yes I'm so touched because they even bothered to celebrate my birthday with me even though I passed my birthday already! (My real birthday date is the 5th of January) 

 They don't have to do this but still they did. *touched*

This is the birthday card they gave me, HOW CUTE. It has been a while since someone wrote me a card. Nowadays people use Facebook and all kinds of social media networks. That's why I appreciate handwritten letter / mail / birthday card, it just makes everything more precious <3

The food there is nice and expensive *whisper* too.
The tomato soup and bread. (URGH I am so bad at describing food's name)


Some sort of bread and sauce (See how bad I am at describing food)

Beef lasagne which is so scrumptious and cheese-y!


This is the most touching part in the entire birthday celebration. I was totally speechless and overwhelmed with happiness <3

This plate of cake just went out of nowhere and BAMMM they all sang me birthday song and all I did is laughing from ear to ear like an idiot. And yesssss, it's my favourite cake from the Secret Recipe, Green Tea Cheese Cake. Michelle just know me so well, especially my unhealthy obsession towards GREEN TEA. I have no words seriously. I was speechless.

I never expected a cake because the cake served out last. This dish just summed up my wonderful birthday celebration perfectly <3

Thank you Bryan and Michelle, you two are one sweet and meant-for-each-other couple. I wish you two all the best in the future and stay sweet. :)

Lotsa Love, 



I had listed out some of my new year resolutions but I will talk about them in my next post :)

I just love love love this sweater, it just reminds me of RAVENCLAW. And here comes the hashtags war: 
#harrypotter#ravenclaw #housepride #whosravenclawlikeme#justchillinginthecommonroom

DALET and EESING celebrate my birthday in Tom's Too. It was quite a shock when Dalet asked me out because I never expected someone would throw me a birthday party or something. Actually it wasn't really a party. Just three of us catching up with each other's life and eating cakes and lasagne. I love this kind of birthday celebration, just one or two friends, sitting in a cafe having some desserts and having some little talks :)

And these are the food mum cooked for my birthday dinner, I'm truly blessed!

chicken wings

vege with prawns

cheese baked potatos

fishball soup


korean mee zhap che

And I had a huge surprise today:

HAYAO MIYAZAKI share the same birthday date with meeeee :D


In conclusion, I had a splendid birthday which is quite unexpected. God loves me and he let me born on this world on this very special day. 

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING GOD. (and the small little message you gave me 12 midnight ;))

Lotsa Love,