TCSH YEAR END BALL 2013 The Great Gatsby and my REFLECTION

I absolutely love this photo (from left to right): Invisible housemate Li Yin, another housemate Alicia, Me and roommate Michelle. Everyone looks happy in this photo :D

So being a committee of the Year End Ball 2013 I have something to say. *clear throat* Last night was amazing, wonderful and magical. Thank you Koji Jack Hirayama, Natalie Ng and Joey Wong for being the awesome project managers/assistant project manager. Thank you Nandhini Shree, Nagraj Bhonsle and Ms. D who will always be there to help me, assist me and guide me. TBH, at first I thought being in the Creative Department wouldn't be as hard and tedious compared to other departments, but hell no, besides the posters and tickets design, we need to do our booth duty, set up facebook page, blogspot, hall decorations, photobooth and video editing! Being in the YEB committee is like riding the roller coaster, we had been through ups and downs, thick and thin. When we didn't manage to hit our target sales, Ms.D never gave up on us and we manage to pick ourself up and keep moving on. I had learnt so much about event managements through YEB. Even though I messed up a bit in the slide show/video presentation, Alicia Ching,Christabelle Yap, Joey, Jodie Koh, Natalie, Ms. D, Ms. Nini still took the trouble to console me and tell me everything will be alright. I will never forgot the moment we had our group hug, it marks the the end of the our YEB event, but in my heart, our friendship and memories will never end. I would like to thank everyone who choose to join our event, you guys are awesome! 

Our committee on-stage group photo. The lighting is so awesome and LOOK AT MAH EPIC SHOCKED FACE. HAHA.

Happy faces of TCSH people!

A photo collage of some awesome IB students, the magician Ross and TCSH staffs.

Some other students and staffs from other courses.

2nd: Joey the amazing assistant project manager.
3rd: embrace mah big flappy armssss.

This is the first time I wearing makeup publicly. I'm glad that many friends of mine said that I look good. I even do some of the committee members' makeup haha. They said I have the SKILLZZZ. Thanks to my favourite makeup guru on Youtube Michelle Phan! I LOVE YOU TO DEATH. Watching your makeup videos is part of my life right now. You make me feel that makeup is just like drawing on your face. Its purpose is to enhancing your features not covering it!


Cassandra, Lim Sze Yee, Carine & Aidil and Rayanna


Natalie and Koji. (Project managers)
Rheesta and Mark. (Student Council President and Vice President)
Ms. D (Teacher Advisor)

Dhashini, Joey and Sandhiya.

The Prom King and Queen nominees.

AND FINALLY. The Prom KQ of the year, our IB seniors, Kar Yern and Eleasha! I'm so proud of them <33333


Honestly, I never EVER joined a prom, or I should rephrase it as a Year End Ball. My high school life was dull and I only concentrated on complaining how boring my life is and how I wanted to live my life after high school. I never thought that I would joined YEB, and never knew that I would be one of the committee members. I can still recalled those time when our committee put up our debut promotional notes around college. OMGVHVDJV THAT WAS EMBARRASING. The quality and the design of the notes were so bad. Ms. D and Ms. Nini even gave us a lecture about this (in a good way tho). At the earlier stage, I admit that I feel like everyone in the committee was not 100% committed and we had made lots of mistakes which nearly spoil our own YEB committee reputation. Our marketing team was lack of creative ideas to promote our events. There is a lack of effiency in executing all of the ideas that had been suggested. There is lack of communication between committee members. We don't really care what is going on with other departments. The attendance of the meeting was not that good. Some seniors don't really help us juniors (which I heard from other departments). My senior Melissa was super duper nice and friendly. She would find me on facebook actively and give me some really good advices to make my design even more perfect and flawless. 

Me being the head of Creative Department, I should say that the works are tough. First, the posters. We came out with 8 designs on our very first meeting and Ms. D and the rest of the committee members were impressed. Their encouragement and applause were the motivation to keep me going! Then the tickets and logos. Next, the colour scheme (Gold, black, silver, grey and a hint of red). Since the theme of the year is THE GREAT GATSBY, the colour palette are more towards classiness and elegance, which makes our design requires more professionalism and perfection. In everything we did, we MUST incorporate the classy timeless design into our works and avoid cheap-looking stuffs. After then, the booth design, dashboard design, facebook page setup and Blogspot setup. Not to forget all the promotional poster designs for Who's Got Talent Finales and Prom King and Queen! And...! The promotional video, nominees videos and opening act video of the night! Oh! I nearly forgot the overall design of the hall, digital backdrop, flower arrangements and Photobooth design! The tediousness of all the work! I seriously don't know how I survived all these! I should say that because of my commitment towards YEB, I'm totally exhausted and kind of slightly neglected my studies. AHHH I MESSED UP MY SEM 1. *CRIESSSS*  I was so stressed and freaked out because I had so much work to do and yet I was the only one who knows how to make videos and stuffs. 

Talking about the ticket sales, it was very bad at the beginning. People don't even knew about the early bird sales was going on on the first two days. The date of the prom fall on the same day as Avicii's concert. People were having a dilemma whether joining our prom or the concert. Our expenditure was exceeding our profit. Ms. D was worried and cut down every single bit of our expenses in decorating. Sponsorship and finance department was facing ultimate stress due to the shortage in money to pay the hotel. She was helping us selling the tickets by "forcing" students come to our events. Luckily the flowers were sponsored by Koji's mum and a lot of the expenses were covered by TCSH, thanks to Ms. D! We definitely can do NOTHING if she didn't helping us out! Special thanks to Ms. Lauren who helped us selling the tickets and promoting our event!

 I'm glad that all OUR hard work paid off! The night was so inspiring and everything goes well (well...kinda of! Haha) The prom was a HUGE SUCCESS and everyone loves it! People kept saying that they never knew prom can be this fun and we were glad that we made them feel this way! Well, Prom is DEFINITELY MORE FUN than Avicii concert right!


Our YEB 2013 logo

Our promotional video!

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P/s: I know this post is quite late and kind of expired but it's better late than never right? Haha

Lotsa love,