Talking about my first job ever in my life

Hey mah dearie readers! It's me again after a month of disappearing again...

So you guys might be questioning, what is so busy of me since I already finished my SPM and PLKN  and the SPM results are literally released? Let me tell you, I GOT A JOB!!!YAYYYYYYYYYYYY

I got this job through my aunt actually. She got a nephew (I think so) who worked there and he figured out that the job is pretty decent and finally decided to study architectual  course. At that time I'm still confused and quite uncertain about my life, just like the other teenagers at my age. So I was like, OK I'll give it a try, maybe I'll find my dream and passion there.

So I just went there and started my working life. At first, I was only asked to do some of the simple colouring job which is insanely boring and unchallenging. After the SPM results are released the seniors in the  company started giving me some computer work to do. Maybe after knowing my SPM results they think that I'm smart? Don't know lah. Anyway, the computer work is all about correcting some of the mistakes in the drawing, of course is very simple one and do some amendments if their clients wanted them to enlarge the space of the toilets or room, something like that.

BUT *need to emphasize that* sometimes do the computer work is just so tiring. You know, sitting in front of the computer for a few hours and the air con is freaking cold every single time my hand just becomes numb and my eyes dehydrated. One of the things that also makes me tired of  is the COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS.

All of my colleagues speak Foochow, which is one of the dialect language of Mandarin and I don't fully understand what are they saying and just smile like an idiot. LMAO Anddddd...

Something I just don't understand their humour. I mean, we DO treat each other nicely but still...we will always have a generation gap between me and my colleagues. They are all like 30+, 40+, 50+, and I'm only 18 years old. There are a few 20+ young colleagues but I don't know, we just seems not to have the common interest or something. So I think this job actually let me face the real world outside, where not everyone is same age with you, share the common interest with you, which is a great opportunity for me to learn how to communicate with people in all ages.GOOD.

One of the thing I like having this job is MY COLLEAGUES OFTEN CHIA ME  EAT, YAYYYY. Sometimes I appreciate their generousity but when it reaches to a point you just feel kinda weird. I mean I will feel awkward for letting the person paying for my lunch. So I think AA method is still a better way to practice when it comes to having lunch with your colleagues. At least I don't feel like owing people money like that.

And just wanna let you know, I am paid by hour, RM 3 per hour. This is the only thing that I'm not sastified. But after thinking and connsidering that I have air-con all day and don't need to stand much, I figure out that this is quite a reasonable salary already. They even give me commisions, so its so kind of them.

Other than doing computer work and colouring, I also do some of the filing, the MOST BORING PART EVERRRR. I DONT EVEN FILE MY PAST YEAR TEST PAPER AND NOTES NICELY, YOU EXPECT ME TO FILE THOSE LETTERS WHICH I CAN BARELY UNDERSTAND? Last time the clerk there asked me to file about a heaps of letters which havent been arranged and catogerised. EMERGERDDD. Yes I felt like dying at that moment. But after doing all those jobs you just cant describe the sastified feeling you got. Just feel like I won in a battle LOL.

Anyway, I had stopped my job now in order to give myself a break and do some preparations before I go KL. KL wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!