PLKN POST #001-Of the General Rules

so I haven’t been on my blog since 3rd of January(Its crazy I know). BUT! I have a very good excuse reason, that is…I went to National Service (or in other word, PLKN-Program Latihan Khidmat Negara). Ok, I know you guys will be asking questions like, Is PLKN fun? Is PLKN tiring? ASDFGHJKL Blah blah blah…
And I’m going to talk about PLKN in this post, all the activities, rules…you name it, I’m gonna cover it all up! Yay for PLKN post *throwing confetti* So just for your information, I have been placed in Kem PLKN Betong at first, which is about 3 hours car ride from my hometown Sibu (which means my parents couldn’t come and visit me during Sunday so I was like…NO WAYYYYY). So I went to applied (of course, writing letters and all these)and I successfully being admitted into Kem PLKN Junaco Park Sibu, which is just 30 minutes car ride from my home, YAY! J

So I’m going to write PLKN posts separately or else its going to be too long!

General rules in PLKN
-Wearing slippers during activities is not allowed. Unless you are in your dorm or you suffer from feet pain/ankle sprain and you got permission from the doctor in the clinic(We usually call the clinic as MEDIC)

-Always wear the right attire your jurulatih told you. Never wear baju sukan when your jurulatih asked you to wear baju kelas and never ever try to wear inner loreng without wearing the baju celoreng for wirawati (because the jurulatih are going to say that the inner loreng is too thin/ transparent/MENJOLOK MATA so yea. This is a reminder for all the wirawati.)

 -Don’t be too close to opposite sex because the jurulatih will be give warning to you. Like all the jurulatih say, JAGA JARAK ANTARA WIRA DAN WIRAWATI. So yea, there’s always a boundary between boys and girls and in the camp the jurulatih are going to teach you this lesson ;)

-Handphones are not allowed during activities are carried out. Wira and wirawati are only allowed to take their phones during weekends. But it depends, some of the camp wira and wirawati are allowed to take their phones on Saturdays and return them on Sundays, but in my camp we are only allowed to take our phones on Sunday mornings about 11a.m. and return them about 5.30p.m. Poor us L 

(Actually at the first and two weeks we are asked to return our phones at 7p.m. but some of the wira didn’t follow the jurulatih’s instruction by returning their phones on Monday/didn’t return their phones AT ALL so the jurulatih/kem commander changed the policy. So we need to pass up our phones by 5.30p.m. L)

Stay tune to the PLKN POST #002!

230413-The Pinkie Angel

So today just started off terribly. I was placing my grey sling bag on the chair beside me, preparing to sit down and having a lovely breakfast. I ordered a cup of tehci and a plate of kampua.

And that is when the scaring thing happens. I touched against my pocket and I felt no sign of cashes, only a few coins. OMG I forgot to bring my money out! I dug my two pockets and counted-only 80 sens. How am I supposed to pay a cup of tehci and a plate of kampua by using the merely 80 sens?

Immediately I cancelled my order of kampua before the hawker even started to cook mine and when I intended to cancel my tehci order, the waiter already served the drink on my table. And it's impossible to return back the cup of tehci now. Cuz it's so embarrassing. How could u cancel the order when the food/drink is served right in front of you already? So I screamed a little inside. The only thing I can do is to wait for my colleagues to come. Normally around this time they will come and join me to eat breakfast. Just hope that they don't suddenly change other places to eat.

And I waited and waited. I tried to pretend calm but I can't help wandering around searching for my colleagues. I even took out my STPM Biology textbook and read through the enzymatic reaction part, trying to distract my attention and comforting myself by keep saying,"After finish reading this page they will come already!

But they never turned up. I felt so desperate and I thought of God. I believe God will help me through this disaster. I prayed that God will send me an angel to help me just like how God helped Moses to separate the Red Sea.

I scanned through the crowd around me. I don't even know them. I started to think the possible outcomes. Should I pay the 80sens first and pay the other 50 sens tomorrow? No, this is just too humiliating and if I did so I will never ever have the guts to eat here again. Should I find my colleagues in the office and borrow the 50 sens from them? Ok, it seemed to be the only way to solve this problem now. So I left my stuffs there in order to show them I'll be back after a while. I quickened up my pace and finally saw a guy colleague which is around his mid twenties when I was on my way to the office. But we just had eye contact and he just left me even before I asked him. So I could only put my hope on the colleagues in the office. I whispered in my heart," Please there will be somebody in the office or else I will be dead!" I pressed the button and luckily a guy answered the door.

It's him. The guy who is a year older than me and studied the same high school with me. He's the expert in robotic engineering and won the first prize in robotic competition for three years consequently. Emily used to ask for his advise when we were designing a racing car prototype. So I kinda know him, but we were just aquaintance only. So I searched for the girl colleagues in the office. Damn, there's none of them except the guy who opened the door for me. Thus it seemed that he's the only one I can asking help from. I struggled a lot inside. I never liked to borrow money from friends since my mummy had taught me not to borrow money from others since young. Moreover borrowing money from others made me feel I am owing that person. But no choice, this was the only way now.

And I decided to give it a shot. I gathered my guts and asked him to borrow me 50 sens. I explained my situation to him and he seemed quite friendly and amiable. He counted his coins in his wallet and coincidentally it's a total 50 sens. I thanked him and rushed downstairs and continued my drinking processes (Pretending everything is normal LOL). After a while, I paid the money and left the coffee shop. Thanks God for sending me a wingless angel to rescue me from embarrassment.

Today was probably one of the most embarrassing day in my life but at the same time I saw blessings that God had shown on me. If God bring me to it, I believe God would bring me through it. :)

Lessons learnt today:

1) Always make sure you have brought your money along with you before ordering food.

2) Sometimes if God don't send the angel directly to you, pray hard, get up and search for the angel yourself instead of just waiting there. Difficulties in life will only strengthen your faith towards God and extend the limit of your soul. Hardships will draw the relationship between you and God even closer instead of furthering the distance between you and God.