Dandioy's Doodle: WARMTH 暖

This art piece is called "暖"(pronouns as NUAN), which means "warmth" in Mandarin. It is freezing cold right now in Taiwan and drawing this piece of work actually makes my heart a little bit warmer. The colour scheme is the combination of the shades of peachy orange and greys, symbolise the harmony between warmth and coldness. 

Hope you guys like this. Cheers :)

Lotsa love,

TCSH YEAR END BALL 2013 The Great Gatsby and my REFLECTION

I absolutely love this photo (from left to right): Invisible housemate Li Yin, another housemate Alicia, Me and roommate Michelle. Everyone looks happy in this photo :D

So being a committee of the Year End Ball 2013 I have something to say. *clear throat* Last night was amazing, wonderful and magical. Thank you Koji Jack Hirayama, Natalie Ng and Joey Wong for being the awesome project managers/assistant project manager. Thank you Nandhini Shree, Nagraj Bhonsle and Ms. D who will always be there to help me, assist me and guide me. TBH, at first I thought being in the Creative Department wouldn't be as hard and tedious compared to other departments, but hell no, besides the posters and tickets design, we need to do our booth duty, set up facebook page, blogspot, hall decorations, photobooth and video editing! Being in the YEB committee is like riding the roller coaster, we had been through ups and downs, thick and thin. When we didn't manage to hit our target sales, Ms.D never gave up on us and we manage to pick ourself up and keep moving on. I had learnt so much about event managements through YEB. Even though I messed up a bit in the slide show/video presentation, Alicia Ching,Christabelle Yap, Joey, Jodie Koh, Natalie, Ms. D, Ms. Nini still took the trouble to console me and tell me everything will be alright. I will never forgot the moment we had our group hug, it marks the the end of the our YEB event, but in my heart, our friendship and memories will never end. I would like to thank everyone who choose to join our event, you guys are awesome! 

Our committee on-stage group photo. The lighting is so awesome and LOOK AT MAH EPIC SHOCKED FACE. HAHA.

Happy faces of TCSH people!

A photo collage of some awesome IB students, the magician Ross and TCSH staffs.

Some other students and staffs from other courses.

2nd: Joey the amazing assistant project manager.
3rd: embrace mah big flappy armssss.

This is the first time I wearing makeup publicly. I'm glad that many friends of mine said that I look good. I even do some of the committee members' makeup haha. They said I have the SKILLZZZ. Thanks to my favourite makeup guru on Youtube Michelle Phan! I LOVE YOU TO DEATH. Watching your makeup videos is part of my life right now. You make me feel that makeup is just like drawing on your face. Its purpose is to enhancing your features not covering it!


Cassandra, Lim Sze Yee, Carine & Aidil and Rayanna


Natalie and Koji. (Project managers)
Rheesta and Mark. (Student Council President and Vice President)
Ms. D (Teacher Advisor)

Dhashini, Joey and Sandhiya.

The Prom King and Queen nominees.

AND FINALLY. The Prom KQ of the year, our IB seniors, Kar Yern and Eleasha! I'm so proud of them <33333


Honestly, I never EVER joined a prom, or I should rephrase it as a Year End Ball. My high school life was dull and I only concentrated on complaining how boring my life is and how I wanted to live my life after high school. I never thought that I would joined YEB, and never knew that I would be one of the committee members. I can still recalled those time when our committee put up our debut promotional notes around college. OMGVHVDJV THAT WAS EMBARRASING. The quality and the design of the notes were so bad. Ms. D and Ms. Nini even gave us a lecture about this (in a good way tho). At the earlier stage, I admit that I feel like everyone in the committee was not 100% committed and we had made lots of mistakes which nearly spoil our own YEB committee reputation. Our marketing team was lack of creative ideas to promote our events. There is a lack of effiency in executing all of the ideas that had been suggested. There is lack of communication between committee members. We don't really care what is going on with other departments. The attendance of the meeting was not that good. Some seniors don't really help us juniors (which I heard from other departments). My senior Melissa was super duper nice and friendly. She would find me on facebook actively and give me some really good advices to make my design even more perfect and flawless. 

Me being the head of Creative Department, I should say that the works are tough. First, the posters. We came out with 8 designs on our very first meeting and Ms. D and the rest of the committee members were impressed. Their encouragement and applause were the motivation to keep me going! Then the tickets and logos. Next, the colour scheme (Gold, black, silver, grey and a hint of red). Since the theme of the year is THE GREAT GATSBY, the colour palette are more towards classiness and elegance, which makes our design requires more professionalism and perfection. In everything we did, we MUST incorporate the classy timeless design into our works and avoid cheap-looking stuffs. After then, the booth design, dashboard design, facebook page setup and Blogspot setup. Not to forget all the promotional poster designs for Who's Got Talent Finales and Prom King and Queen! And...! The promotional video, nominees videos and opening act video of the night! Oh! I nearly forgot the overall design of the hall, digital backdrop, flower arrangements and Photobooth design! The tediousness of all the work! I seriously don't know how I survived all these! I should say that because of my commitment towards YEB, I'm totally exhausted and kind of slightly neglected my studies. AHHH I MESSED UP MY SEM 1. *CRIESSSS*  I was so stressed and freaked out because I had so much work to do and yet I was the only one who knows how to make videos and stuffs. 

Talking about the ticket sales, it was very bad at the beginning. People don't even knew about the early bird sales was going on on the first two days. The date of the prom fall on the same day as Avicii's concert. People were having a dilemma whether joining our prom or the concert. Our expenditure was exceeding our profit. Ms. D was worried and cut down every single bit of our expenses in decorating. Sponsorship and finance department was facing ultimate stress due to the shortage in money to pay the hotel. She was helping us selling the tickets by "forcing" students come to our events. Luckily the flowers were sponsored by Koji's mum and a lot of the expenses were covered by TCSH, thanks to Ms. D! We definitely can do NOTHING if she didn't helping us out! Special thanks to Ms. Lauren who helped us selling the tickets and promoting our event!

 I'm glad that all OUR hard work paid off! The night was so inspiring and everything goes well (well...kinda of! Haha) The prom was a HUGE SUCCESS and everyone loves it! People kept saying that they never knew prom can be this fun and we were glad that we made them feel this way! Well, Prom is DEFINITELY MORE FUN than Avicii concert right!


Our YEB 2013 logo

Our promotional video!

>>>>>>FACEBOOK LINK<<<<<
>>>>>>>BLOGSPOT LINK<<<<<

P/s: I know this post is quite late and kind of expired but it's better late than never right? Haha

Lotsa love,

So the list is out... #MOEBursaryUniversityList

If I want to study medicine in my undergraduate study, I have only 10 universities to choose,
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Imperial College London *
United Kingdom
University College London *
United Kingdom
King’s College London*
United Kingdom
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Monash University
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
National University of Singapore
University of Manchester
United Kingdom

Okay now I feel like crying. The choices are just wayyyy too narrow and just that you know, it is soo hard to get into medicine course. 

#LifeOfAMOEBursaryStudent #IAmDoomed #WHYYYYY



Dandioy's Doodle: OLAFFFFF

I always wanted to watch Frozen but never got the chance. I watched the Trailer and have a feeling that Olaf will definitely be the next minion! Disney NEVER FAILS. 

So this is my version of Olaf. I make it into my very own overlay :3  SGDHJASDKAHK THE CUTENESS!


I like warm hugs <3
Some people are worth melting for.

Lotsa Love,



HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARYLLLLLLL Thank you for bringing so much laughter and fun in my miserable and stressful IB life. I'm so sorry I couldn't celebrate your birthday with you this year. You are definitely one of my favourite Kuching people bo bian one. Hope you will like this picture I drew for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I WANT TO SEE CHUBBY DARYL NEXT YEAR. HAHA.


How to get a JPA scholarship: 10 Tips!

I know I should have been working on this post on the first day I got my JPA scholarship offer but these months were just crazy for me and I had no time at all. Plus, pardon my endless procrastination. Ok, let us move on to the main topic: HOW TO GET A JPA SCHOLARSHIP!

Being a Malaysian, I believe you guys know about the term "JPA", which is "Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam", specially for those who had been opting for this scholarship, I assure that this term is quite familiar to you. If you guys didn't know already, I got my SPM results, a 11A+1A, which is considered quite good for many people. But as for me, I am quite unsatisfied as my target is 12A+. (not trying to sound like an ungrateful bitch or something) FYI, I took Chinese (YES I got A+ for this subject, WOOHOO!), English 1119, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Additional Maths, Modern Maths, History, Arts (I am science stream but I'm quite good at drawing so taking Arts would be a plus for me), Accounts, Moral Educations and Malay Language ( I got A for this :( )

For this aspect, I admit that I did not do quite well. That day, I wore my Adidas tee, grey long jeans and white sport shoes while all of the other interviewees are wearing their best outfits- Baju kurung, Baju kebaya, professional looking formal wear and tuxedos. Imagine how awkward I was that day standing in the middle of the crowd of fabulous/handsome/gorgeous/beautiful people (competitors to be precise). I secretly thought that I will be disqualified directly from the list already. And just being as forgetful/careless as my usual self, I forgot to photostat my identity card. (I ran towards the nearest photostat shop and rushed back to the interview centre.) So, do double/triple confirm that you got all your documents/results slips/certificates/other materials printed/photostated and nicely compiled in a clear folder file to show them you are an organised person.

Even though you are the introvert type of person, I believe that there will always be sometimes that you can get hyper right? Get yourself into the hyper mood before the interview! Try to be relax and JUST CHILL.
Before going to the interview, you should have this kind of mindset:
a) I will go for this interview just for having some fun and meeting some new friends
b) Don't treat interviewers as interviewers, treat them as your friend!
c) I'M HELLA HAPPY AND CONTENDED! (don't hunch your back! Walk like a boss! People will think you are a more successful person if you smile more!)

As I was divided into groups some of the interviewees start to talk to each other and get to know each other and stuffs. You gotta try remember their names in this stage because you might need to call their names when you are having the discussion thingy on. Knowing other interviewees' names is a plus point because the interviewers might think that you are very socialable and amiable person.

If you are applying for engineering/medicine/accounting (basically WHATEVER) course, always remember to do some background research. You don't wanna be speechless and make a fool out of yourself when the researchers ask you some questions right? ;)

Besides your english proficiency, the interviewers also want to look at your personality. They would not like to see interviewees who take other people chances' to talk. You gotta let other people speak. At the same time, if possible, you can guide the other interviewees to speak by giving some ideas in your opinion. The interviewers would notice your inner personality shine through the others. This is the quality they would like to see in their future scholarship holders! And also, when the others are giving their opinions, don't even try to disagree their point.


Even though you are super well prepared for the possible topics for the discussion session, it is quite impossible to know 100% of the facts. Hence, you need to mix some of your own experiences to make the discussion more interesting and lively. Not to forget you can always change the subject cleverly to something you are familiar with. Don't pretend that you know something that you don't really know.

It's always appropriate to crack a joke during interviews (but of course crack a witty one not some lame and cliché one!) Make people laugh! People will automatically love you if you make them laugh or smile. If you can lighten the intense interviewing atmosphere and make it fun, trust me, you are the one the interviewers looking for!

Some people can be really good in their points when they are discussing certain topics, some people can be very fluent in English/ Malay, but what that all matters is, your FIRST IMPRESSION.
You gotta make a statement about yourself in that short time. It can be your clothes, your smile, the way you carry yourself, the way you smile, the way you walk, the way you articulate your words, it can be EVERYTHING. Make people remember you!

I believe you guys all have lots of free time after SPM. Why don't use these time to do some part time job that is related to the course/field you want to apply for? When you know something about the course, the interviewers would know that YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. People would love the fact that you know what you are going to do and know how to achieve it. Nobody would like people who are targetless right?

So yeah, my phone beeped just right at the time when I was answering the interviewers' answers. And the terrible thing is, I actually stopped my answering, switched off my phone and resumed my answering. I know I should be ignoring the call but I didn't. *heart dies a little inside*
But the lucky thing is, the interviewers doesn't really seem to care too much about this *phewwww*
MAYBE, they DID cut some of my marks on this part but I really feel lucky for the fact that they didn't just disqualify me JUST LIKE THAT just because my phone beeped. Lucky me, but don't you guys try this! It's better to play it safe lah, you know what I mean :)

The informations below is from one of my friend in the interview:

Stage 1 (group discussion in Malay):
1. Title: Jerebu
2. Discuss how does it occurs
3. Discuss the solutions
4. Write down everything in A4 paper provided ( the paper is not allowed to take out from the room)
5. You will have 25 minutes for discussion
6. After 10 minutes of discussion you need to write your rough ideas on a mahjong paper for presentation (only 1 people write, the other tell what to write)
7. after 10 minutes the presentation commences, you can only present it for 15 minutes

Stage 2 (case study in English):
1. Title: how National statue help to enhance the sense of belonging of our country in young people.
2. Everything same with stage it just that u need to use English to communicate.

Stage 3 :
1. If the panel ask you questions in Malay, answer in malay; if they ask you in English, then answer English.
2. This is the hardest part, you are not given enough time to think so you need to answer promptly
3. The question is asked by panel (he thinks the question by himself, not referring to question paper)
4. The questions he got:

a) Why you want to receive JPA scholarship
b) Why you want to study at foreign country but not Malaysia
c) Why you want to study engineering course
d) What programme do Malaysia carried out to increase the economic
e) If a foreign country give you job opportunities with high salary, will you accept it or you would want to come back to Malaysia
f) If Malaysia want to build a nuclear energy generator, will you agree?


P/s: I'm in a rush when I am typing these so don't mind my grammatical mistakes. :P


Dandioy's Doodle: Green Tea Girl

Portrait of my sister drawn by me <3


No turning back

So the story began from a dream I dreamt one night. (I couldn't really remember the exact time but I think it happened last month). I dreamt that I was crying over the fact that I had chosen to study International Baccalaureate (IB) in Taylor's College Sri Hartamas instead of A-levels in German-Malaysian Institute (GMI). FYI, I actually succeed in the JPA interview and get a scholarship to study A-levels in GMI, which means, after I finished my pre-U in GMI (provided that I get a certain level of mark of course and pass my German language), I can go to pursue my undergraduate study for engineering course in German for free. Many people actually think that I am crazy for turning down JPA's offer (They are like, HELLO? IT'S A FREAKING JPA FULL SCHOLARSHIP!). So, being as crazy as I am, I opted for one of the most difficult pre-U course, IB in TCSH. Maybe the hectic life in IB just freaked me out and crushed me so hard, sometimes I wonder, what will my life be like if I accept the JPA scholarship? Will my life be a lot more easier? Will I be more relaxed and less stressed? 

Say that IF I go for GMI, then the subjects I will be studying would be Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Malaysian Studies (not sure about this though) and German. Now, what I am studying for Higher level (HL) are Biology, Chemistry and Maths; Standard level (SL), Psychology, English literature and French ab intio, and not to forget Theory of Knowledge (ToK) and Malaysian Studies (LAN)! Not only that, in IB we have Internal Assessments (IAs) for every subjects we take, Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)! Imagine the amount of workload we have compare to theirs. So I got to get acquainted with some GMI students and I asked their timetable. They still have time to have nap during afternoon and play sports at the evening. 

But, I rethinked again, my life might be easier during pre-U in GMI, but will I love to study engineering? To be honest, I never have engineering course in my consideration list ever in my entire life. Or, I would like to suffer these two years in IB and let this tedious IB course mould me into an individual who is an inquirer, knowledgeable, thinker, communicator, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-taker, balanced and reflective. (IB learner profile yo!) I believe that God had lead me to choose this path, and there is no way for me to turn back again, all that I can do now is do my best in IB and get a 45 in my IBO test! I know I can do it! 

By the way, IB is definitely a good course. Since I joined IB, I procrastinated less and used most of my time on doing things that worth my time. English literature might be hard and tough for me, but I will overcome this weakness and learn how to write a decent commentary and get a 7 in my end semester test. *finger-crossing* A lot of seniors told us that Maths HL is a bitch, I couldn't agree more on their statement. Maths HL is definitely hard and to be honest our teacher don't really know how to teach. So I guess I need to do pre-study and independence study and don't put too much hope that the teacher would spoon feed me like how our secondary teacher did to us. French ab intio is a disaster too. Our teacher uses 45 minutes on ranting, grumbling and complaining the students' attitudes then left 15 minutes teaching. Sigh, IB, it's all about self-learning and self-saving. 

My target from now onwards: 45 in my IBO test. A perfect 7 from every single subject. I know it's gonna be hard. I know it's gonna be tough. Be who says this is impossible? The word "impossible" itself says I M POSSIBLE. I believe I will. If I study hard and just do my best and leave the rest to God. Our God is good, all the time and I believe He will answer His daughter's prayer. :)



Talking about my first job ever in my life

Hey mah dearie readers! It's me again after a month of disappearing again...

So you guys might be questioning, what is so busy of me since I already finished my SPM and PLKN  and the SPM results are literally released? Let me tell you, I GOT A JOB!!!YAYYYYYYYYYYYY

I got this job through my aunt actually. She got a nephew (I think so) who worked there and he figured out that the job is pretty decent and finally decided to study architectual  course. At that time I'm still confused and quite uncertain about my life, just like the other teenagers at my age. So I was like, OK I'll give it a try, maybe I'll find my dream and passion there.

So I just went there and started my working life. At first, I was only asked to do some of the simple colouring job which is insanely boring and unchallenging. After the SPM results are released the seniors in the  company started giving me some computer work to do. Maybe after knowing my SPM results they think that I'm smart? Don't know lah. Anyway, the computer work is all about correcting some of the mistakes in the drawing, of course is very simple one and do some amendments if their clients wanted them to enlarge the space of the toilets or room, something like that.

BUT *need to emphasize that* sometimes do the computer work is just so tiring. You know, sitting in front of the computer for a few hours and the air con is freaking cold every single time my hand just becomes numb and my eyes dehydrated. One of the things that also makes me tired of  is the COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS.

All of my colleagues speak Foochow, which is one of the dialect language of Mandarin and I don't fully understand what are they saying and just smile like an idiot. LMAO Anddddd...

Something I just don't understand their humour. I mean, we DO treat each other nicely but still...we will always have a generation gap between me and my colleagues. They are all like 30+, 40+, 50+, and I'm only 18 years old. There are a few 20+ young colleagues but I don't know, we just seems not to have the common interest or something. So I think this job actually let me face the real world outside, where not everyone is same age with you, share the common interest with you, which is a great opportunity for me to learn how to communicate with people in all ages.GOOD.

One of the thing I like having this job is MY COLLEAGUES OFTEN CHIA ME  EAT, YAYYYY. Sometimes I appreciate their generousity but when it reaches to a point you just feel kinda weird. I mean I will feel awkward for letting the person paying for my lunch. So I think AA method is still a better way to practice when it comes to having lunch with your colleagues. At least I don't feel like owing people money like that.

And just wanna let you know, I am paid by hour, RM 3 per hour. This is the only thing that I'm not sastified. But after thinking and connsidering that I have air-con all day and don't need to stand much, I figure out that this is quite a reasonable salary already. They even give me commisions, so its so kind of them.

Other than doing computer work and colouring, I also do some of the filing, the MOST BORING PART EVERRRR. I DONT EVEN FILE MY PAST YEAR TEST PAPER AND NOTES NICELY, YOU EXPECT ME TO FILE THOSE LETTERS WHICH I CAN BARELY UNDERSTAND? Last time the clerk there asked me to file about a heaps of letters which havent been arranged and catogerised. EMERGERDDD. Yes I felt like dying at that moment. But after doing all those jobs you just cant describe the sastified feeling you got. Just feel like I won in a battle LOL.

Anyway, I had stopped my job now in order to give myself a break and do some preparations before I go KL. KL wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




PLKN POST #001-Of the General Rules

so I haven’t been on my blog since 3rd of January(Its crazy I know). BUT! I have a very good excuse reason, that is…I went to National Service (or in other word, PLKN-Program Latihan Khidmat Negara). Ok, I know you guys will be asking questions like, Is PLKN fun? Is PLKN tiring? ASDFGHJKL Blah blah blah…
And I’m going to talk about PLKN in this post, all the activities, rules…you name it, I’m gonna cover it all up! Yay for PLKN post *throwing confetti* So just for your information, I have been placed in Kem PLKN Betong at first, which is about 3 hours car ride from my hometown Sibu (which means my parents couldn’t come and visit me during Sunday so I was like…NO WAYYYYY). So I went to applied (of course, writing letters and all these)and I successfully being admitted into Kem PLKN Junaco Park Sibu, which is just 30 minutes car ride from my home, YAY! J

So I’m going to write PLKN posts separately or else its going to be too long!

General rules in PLKN
-Wearing slippers during activities is not allowed. Unless you are in your dorm or you suffer from feet pain/ankle sprain and you got permission from the doctor in the clinic(We usually call the clinic as MEDIC)

-Always wear the right attire your jurulatih told you. Never wear baju sukan when your jurulatih asked you to wear baju kelas and never ever try to wear inner loreng without wearing the baju celoreng for wirawati (because the jurulatih are going to say that the inner loreng is too thin/ transparent/MENJOLOK MATA so yea. This is a reminder for all the wirawati.)

 -Don’t be too close to opposite sex because the jurulatih will be give warning to you. Like all the jurulatih say, JAGA JARAK ANTARA WIRA DAN WIRAWATI. So yea, there’s always a boundary between boys and girls and in the camp the jurulatih are going to teach you this lesson ;)

-Handphones are not allowed during activities are carried out. Wira and wirawati are only allowed to take their phones during weekends. But it depends, some of the camp wira and wirawati are allowed to take their phones on Saturdays and return them on Sundays, but in my camp we are only allowed to take our phones on Sunday mornings about 11a.m. and return them about 5.30p.m. Poor us L 

(Actually at the first and two weeks we are asked to return our phones at 7p.m. but some of the wira didn’t follow the jurulatih’s instruction by returning their phones on Monday/didn’t return their phones AT ALL so the jurulatih/kem commander changed the policy. So we need to pass up our phones by 5.30p.m. L)

Stay tune to the PLKN POST #002!

230413-The Pinkie Angel

So today just started off terribly. I was placing my grey sling bag on the chair beside me, preparing to sit down and having a lovely breakfast. I ordered a cup of tehci and a plate of kampua.

And that is when the scaring thing happens. I touched against my pocket and I felt no sign of cashes, only a few coins. OMG I forgot to bring my money out! I dug my two pockets and counted-only 80 sens. How am I supposed to pay a cup of tehci and a plate of kampua by using the merely 80 sens?

Immediately I cancelled my order of kampua before the hawker even started to cook mine and when I intended to cancel my tehci order, the waiter already served the drink on my table. And it's impossible to return back the cup of tehci now. Cuz it's so embarrassing. How could u cancel the order when the food/drink is served right in front of you already? So I screamed a little inside. The only thing I can do is to wait for my colleagues to come. Normally around this time they will come and join me to eat breakfast. Just hope that they don't suddenly change other places to eat.

And I waited and waited. I tried to pretend calm but I can't help wandering around searching for my colleagues. I even took out my STPM Biology textbook and read through the enzymatic reaction part, trying to distract my attention and comforting myself by keep saying,"After finish reading this page they will come already!

But they never turned up. I felt so desperate and I thought of God. I believe God will help me through this disaster. I prayed that God will send me an angel to help me just like how God helped Moses to separate the Red Sea.

I scanned through the crowd around me. I don't even know them. I started to think the possible outcomes. Should I pay the 80sens first and pay the other 50 sens tomorrow? No, this is just too humiliating and if I did so I will never ever have the guts to eat here again. Should I find my colleagues in the office and borrow the 50 sens from them? Ok, it seemed to be the only way to solve this problem now. So I left my stuffs there in order to show them I'll be back after a while. I quickened up my pace and finally saw a guy colleague which is around his mid twenties when I was on my way to the office. But we just had eye contact and he just left me even before I asked him. So I could only put my hope on the colleagues in the office. I whispered in my heart," Please there will be somebody in the office or else I will be dead!" I pressed the button and luckily a guy answered the door.

It's him. The guy who is a year older than me and studied the same high school with me. He's the expert in robotic engineering and won the first prize in robotic competition for three years consequently. Emily used to ask for his advise when we were designing a racing car prototype. So I kinda know him, but we were just aquaintance only. So I searched for the girl colleagues in the office. Damn, there's none of them except the guy who opened the door for me. Thus it seemed that he's the only one I can asking help from. I struggled a lot inside. I never liked to borrow money from friends since my mummy had taught me not to borrow money from others since young. Moreover borrowing money from others made me feel I am owing that person. But no choice, this was the only way now.

And I decided to give it a shot. I gathered my guts and asked him to borrow me 50 sens. I explained my situation to him and he seemed quite friendly and amiable. He counted his coins in his wallet and coincidentally it's a total 50 sens. I thanked him and rushed downstairs and continued my drinking processes (Pretending everything is normal LOL). After a while, I paid the money and left the coffee shop. Thanks God for sending me a wingless angel to rescue me from embarrassment.

Today was probably one of the most embarrassing day in my life but at the same time I saw blessings that God had shown on me. If God bring me to it, I believe God would bring me through it. :)

Lessons learnt today:

1) Always make sure you have brought your money along with you before ordering food.

2) Sometimes if God don't send the angel directly to you, pray hard, get up and search for the angel yourself instead of just waiting there. Difficulties in life will only strengthen your faith towards God and extend the limit of your soul. Hardships will draw the relationship between you and God even closer instead of furthering the distance between you and God.





01.01.13 日志




然后我们去Parkson逛街,今天终于和Emi逛街shopping了,这件事在我们的to-do list很久了,都没有完成,所以今天是新年的第一天,也算是完成了一个我们小小的心愿吧!:)
这就是大名鼎鼎的studded headband,还是denim的那种,难怪那么贵啦,但是它的质量好嘛,好的东西怎么不贵啊?(要买就买好的嘛)
然后emi给我一些意见,就决定买一个eyeliner给妈咪当生日礼物,结果妈咪很生气,因为我在一个早上就把她的50块花光了 囧 
然后她说她不要黑色的eyeliner只要褐色的 再囧


:) x